Daniel was born in 1986 in New Jersey, growing up in town of Fort Lee, across the river from Manhattan. The first photo he recalls seeing is of what he assumed to be his father, a proud young boy crossing the street in Budapest. This photo, hanging in the kitchen of his home left a lasting impression on him. Drawn in by the transportation of time, the capture of a single moment, and the instant communication of the photo, Daniel would say that this was his favorite photograph, only to find out years later that this photo was not of his father, but was an original Cartier-Bresson that was smuggled out of his studio by a friend of his mothers.

After graduating highschool, Daniel attended the University of Vermont, studying English for two and a half years before leaving to pursue a career in music, which still remains a pursuit. Inspired by a friend, he picked up a camera in late 2008 and began to take photos. He took more. He followed people and took more. He sat from his window on North Street in Vermont and took more.

His photographs are urban narratives, trying to make the realization that small details of every day life are compelling, important and universal.

Daniel now lives in Philadelphia, and attends the Art Institute which he will graduate from in 2011.

He is available for reportage and documentary assignments nationally and internationally.

He shoots mainly with a minolta x-700 or a contax IIa for his black and white work, and a Nikon D80 for his color photos.